Land grab looms in hurricane-wrecked Barbuda, and what is taking shape is not just an airport

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Construction of an airport on the island of Barbuda began without residents’ approval. A larger land grab looms; moves are afoot to revoke residents’ collective tenure and allocate land to private investors.

On the night of 6th September Hurricane Irma, the most powerful hurricane ever recorded over the Atlantic Ocean, an unprecedented Category 5, made landfall on the small Caribbean island of Barbuda. 185 miles-per-hour winds wreaked havoc. A two-year old child was killed, land was flooded and shorn of trees, homes were left without roofs and walls or completely flattened and the island’s road, energy and communications infrastructure were destroyed. An estimated 90 per cent of buildings were damaged. Two days later all of Barbuda’s 1,800 residents were forcibly evacuated, ferried to Antigua which only suffered minor damage.

Two and a half months after the catastrophic storm most Barbudan residents remained with relatives and friends or in…

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Your Saturn Returns (Free Saturn Return Survival Kit)

benebell wen

In Episode #29 of “Bell Chimes In,” I talk about the Saturn Return. I also make reference to the Decisive Age and how it may relate to your Saturn Return. (What is a Decisive Age? Find out more here.)

A Saturn Return is a period of time, typically within a year, when the transiting or present Saturn’s positioning is at the same degree in the same zodiac sign as it was in at the moment of your birth. In other words, if Saturn was positioned at 3° in Capricorn when you were born, and currently Saturn is at 3° in Capricorn, then you, my friend, are in the throes of one of your Saturn Returns. Typically, there are three: the First Saturn Return, the Second Saturn Return, and your Third Saturn Return.

For the general population (there are a few astrological exceptions, which I get into in the video), Saturn can…

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Protect Yourself from Psychic Attack

Witches Of The Craft®

by Christopher Penczak

The heart of magick is empowerment. Magick taps into your own personal resources and builds a bridge of harmony with the universe. Fear is the limiting factor of empowerment. Those who seal away their own magick build a wall with their fear. They fear other people’s opinions, the responsibility, danger and ultimately themselves. Fear is a weapon used by those who seek to control the power. Control mongers bombard society with messages of fear to spread their own power.

Healers, midwives and wise women were tortured and put to death during the Inquisition for using their knowledge and talents. The Church and the newly established medical profession wanted to keep their base of power, and the wise folk threatened them. Rumors of pacts with the Devil, evil witches casting curses and demons stealing children in the night were spread. The general public started to fear the wise…

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Democrats’ “Child Trafficking Encouragement Act”

Build the wall..

American Elephants


These are people who were deeply disturbed by words that were contrived to disturb them — “little children ripped from their mothers’ arms”,”little children in cages” (with pictures left over from the Obama administration). There’s a picture of a woman with a sign reading “Let our children go! Stop Caging Families.” That is the very definition of propaganda. Words designed to influence the emotions and suppress thought. Nobody has been “caging” either children or families. In the cases where children have been separated from their mothers, it is because the law says that you can’t put children in detention (prison) with their parents. The kids have been well cared for, entertained, well fed, and have a good time.

Migrants know they have a better chance of being able to plead for asylum if they have a child with them. Unfortunately, the child may not be their own, and are disposed of when…

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Henry Ford’s ghost town of Pequaming

Opening the door, walking outside

Long ago and far away

Once upon a time there lived a man named Henry Ford.  Henry loved to tinker and design.  He loved to imagine.  He dreamed of something called an “automobile”, a horse buggy with tires and a motor and a steering wheel.

That was long ago and far away, and dreams sometimes do come true.

Henry designed his automobile and sold thousands and eventually millions and perhaps billions by the time his fairy tale will end.  But when he was still alive, back there in the 1920’s, Henry visited the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Our fair earth, rich with trees and minerals and two Great Lakes. 

His planning mind plotted.  He surveyed the endless miles of trees and thought (I’m sure this is what he thought):  “You know, I could use some of these hardwood trees in my automobiles.  They would make great body supports.  I will start some logging camps and supply wood…

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Paul Bonacci: An Example of Jesuit/Illuminati Mind Control and Manchurian Candidate American Politics

We see evidence today that the New World Order is trying desperately to take over our Republic, the USA and impeach Trump.

Reptilian Dimension

bonacci-1 Paul Bonacci

Paul Bonacci was a young man put under mind control by NSA officer and Temple of Set leader, Michael Aquino. As per Cathy O’brien’s testimony, Aquino used mind control techniques taught to him by the Jesuit Order.

Bonacci was put under mind control to serve the Jesuit Order and the Order of the Illuminati (a network of occult secret societies, many of which were created and developed by the Jesuit Order).

From a young age (according to Bonacci it started at age 3) Bonacci was sexually and violently abused by men in order to split his consciousness. When a child suffers a severe traumatic event, the child dissociates from his/her consciousness, in order to separate herself/himself from the event; this is a natural mental mechanism built into the human brain, and this mechanism actually creates other consciousnesses or personalities within the person. Bonacci was tortured and sexually abused…

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Mary Magdalene – High Priestess and Sacred Prostitute

The Goddess of Sacred Sex

2_2_MaryMagdalene_PassionoftheChristMy awareness of the Goddess came to me somewhere in my early 30’s and deciding to seek her out academically many years later has been an awakening, as are all major truths in our lives. To my surprise I discovered that much of the world for millennia lived in a world where their God was female and she was the Goddess – benevolent, fertile and above all sexual. Very sexual! Today we have a profound difficulty in associating the profession of the prostitute with anything vaguely associated with sacredness, but in ancient times these women were held in the highest esteem in the temples of the Great Mother Goddess. The sacred prostitute or temple priestess became the representation of the goddess in physical form and with their bodies entered into sacred sexual rituals with the men who came to worship.

My studies have shown me that long before Christianity (which…

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